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Christian Chinonso
God is my comforter whenever I am heartbroken.
That is the only remedy.
Mike Uche
I managed it badly. It happened in 2000. I met this girl, Mercy Monyei in the bus from Ibadan to Lagos. We entered the same bus and I fell in love with her. She slept in my house that night and we made love three times. I promised her marriage, but she never took it seriously, and she dumped me after. The relationship lasted for only one month. I just wanted her around me, which she did not want. When she dumped me, I kept dreaming about her for close to five years. I carried the pain in my heart. All efforts to see her since then was in vain. I managed it by getting someone else to take her place that I feel possesses the same qualities such as her height. So, by dating girls as tall as she is, I try to forget. But I use them as substitute because I still feel the pain.

Amaka Mmadubugwu
I was 20 years old when I fell deeply in love with Dennis and we dated for over five years. After four years of our relationship, he started misbehaving, going out whenever he liked and bringing girls inside the house. Unfortunately, he came back one day and asked me to pack out of his house that he was in love with someone else. Though I pleaded with him to forgive me even when I knew I didn't do anything wrong to him, but he refused and threw out my belongings. In fact I was ashamed and cried uncontrolably. I became sick and was admitted in the hospital for over a month. Though it wasn't easy for me to live without him because I loved him dearly, but I had to face the reality by putting him off my mind by spending more time praying to God to help me survive the heartbreak. I spent quality time with my friends also. I went back to my parents' home. I apologized to them for moving into his house without their consent and they forgave me and advised me to forget about him. With this, I lived happily again. In fact, it was really nice being in love though I had a very ugly experience.

I am believing that I will find love again. The relationship yielded a son called Destiny because I believe strongly in destiny regarding the terrible beating he gave to me when I was pregnant. Yet I love him until I put to bed. Though he wasn't there for us but God stood by us. I don't think I had any reason to joke with a son I suffered for with all the ugly experiences I had with Dennis his father. I see my son as a comforter and I thank God for coming out of the heartbreak. I still love him as the father of my son and I believe that he will surely come back to me if he is mine. But if he doesn't come back, then we are not meant for each other.

Udochi Prisca Nwaji
It was indeed a terrible experience falling out of love because of heartbreak. Though it wasn't easy to handle but I thank God for His grace.

In fact, I went through emotional trauma to the extent that I became sick when my first love broke my heart. I don't think I will like to disclose the details but it's an experience I don't wish to remember. I believe that my love is somewhere, so I had to pray and concentrate on my studies as an undergraduate of YABATECH.

Sarah Omoni
I was in love with Peter. We had a smooth relationship. He was a very caring guy. In fact, he was just perfect. I offended him by taking alcohol with my friends one fateful day. I visited him and in the process, we had a quarrel and I slapped him because I was angry over the words he used on me. So, he got angry and left and warned me to stay off his life as he was no longer interested in the relationship.

Though I tried to apologize to him, he insisted we quit the relationship. I loved him, so I found it difficult coping without his presence and affection. I pleaded with his friends and relatives to beg him on my behalf but he refused. In fact, I keep praying to God for him to come back to my life until yesterday when he gave me a surprise call. I had already deleted his number from my phone since we parted ways.Though he hasen't told me if he is still interested or not, I'm praying to God that he comes back into my life because he is very caring, loving and above all, good in bed.

Chukwumaihe Nzediegwu
Personally, I have not experienced heartbreak before, but there is a very close friend of mine, Yakubu, who had, so I saw his experience. Her long time girlfriend walked up to him one day and told him that it was over between them because she needed to concentrate on her studies and not on a relationship. So, he found it very difficult to bear since he loved the girl and never expected such from her. Even when I tried to talk to her, she refused. So, because of his state, he engaged in series of things he was not doing, such as drinking, smoking and dealing with women as a result of heartbreak. Consequently, I decided not to fall in love. In fact, after my friend's trauma, I find it difficult to love a woman because I have found out that no woman is worth loving. Though I had relationships, I kept my love to myself till I find a soul mate- virtuous woman who is trustworthy.

Abiodun Adeshina
My first love broke my heart after our two years of relationship. I could not handle it because I loved him and he was so caring and loving. In fact, we had a smooth affair until he travelled to the United States to read for his Master's degree and he gave me every promise to come back to Nigeria to see my parents regarding our marriage plans. He also promised to communicate with me regularly on phone but he stopped calling me after sometime. Even when I called, he would refuse to pick. When I called one day, a woman picked his phone demanding to know who I was. While I was still swimming in my thought how a woman would pick Dayo's phone, she told me she was Dayo's wife and she is heavilypregnant for him and I should stop calling his phone. In fact, it was the greatest shock of my life. Dayo called me to explain properly. His wife must have told him about me but I refused to listen to him. I dropped the phone on him. Since then he has been trying to reach me but I failed to listen to his explanations because they are not useful. Though I was terrible hurt, I still had to pull myself together to concentrate on my studies as an undergraduate of YABATECH, believing that my true love will locate me someday.

Olumide Tunde
When my girl abandoned me, it was like a film. I never believed it. She abandoned me for another guy and threw away six years of our close relationship. I thought it was a joke. When I could not see her again or hear her on phone as we used to talk, I took ill for a week.

Geoginia Odeka
When mine happened, it actually pained me because I thought it was going to lead to the altar. The next was that it was what his mother wanted. So, I felt since I could not be his wife, he can go to hell.