Mendy Sues Man City To Court Over Unpaid wages

By Chimezie Nebolisa

French defender Benjamin Mendy has taken legal action against Premier League club Manchester City to reclaim lost earnings.

According to reports, the earnings are up to the sum of £10 million and date back to years.

Mendy was charged with four counts of rape two years ago and he was suspended by his former club Manchester City in August 2021.

From February 2021 to expiration of his contract in September 2023 Mendy was not paid any wages by Manchester City.

They deemed him ineligible for payment due to his ongoing sexual abuse and rape trial at the time.

Before being freed in January 2022, Mendy spent more than four months in jail.

His bail conditions were that he could not go to Manchester which is why City said they withdrew the player’s wages as he was unavailable to work.

Mendy was found innocent in the case of raping four women and sexually abusing another at Chester Crown court.

He faced a retrial over two outstanding charges of rape and once again he was found not guilty. He has since been cleared of all the charges.