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Victims of Abuse

By Melanie Miller

Are you a victim of abuse, whether it be physically abusive, verbal abuse and or mental words can hurt as much, or more, for some individuals. I wish to inform anyone living with or dealing with an abusive situation, to get out, while one can. Whether you have children or a child, still the child does not need to live in this kind of environment and is wrong to inforce a child or children to live in this kind of home.

Do you feel you are a victim of abuse, do you feel it is all your fault? If so, talk to a counceler or therapist regarding this issue at hand.

I myself was a victim of abuse a number of years ago. My ex told me that he loved me, then abuse my body,and said that I would never amount to anything. But...look at me now, I am a published poet and author of a novel, which I wrote all by myself. I set a goal to lose weight and am a lot slendor, sort of like I used to be in my late 20's.

You too need to set goals and one is to get away from an abusive situation. You are a someone and somebody. Your body is special, so do not allow or let anyone tell you any differently...that you're strange or odd and won't amount to a hill of beans. That is not so, your body is a temple and should never be abused under any circumstances.

Women blame themselves at times and some all the time, blame their abuser and make excuses for him or her for this matter. But it is their fault, their blame and they should be ashamed of themselves for harming another person out of anger or for the fun of it.

Men and women are both abusive, not all people mind you, but women can strike a man too.

I would never harm my husband and he would never harm me. We have been together nine long years and get along fabulously. He does not believe in hurting a woman and we get along great.

Thank goodness, I got out of an abusive relationship and realized that I am a someone, that I am special to myself as well as special to my husband. I been married twice and both relationships wore abusive and I always blamed myself. He would put me down, call me names that wore inappropriate and he would laugh at me and tell me I was useless! Useless eh? Well I am not useless. I donate new clothing to charites as well as cash at Christmas or during the holidays. I am far from being useless and if any one tells you or a friend, they or she or he is useless, they need to tell this abuser or abusive person that they are not useless.

We all serve a purpose in life, and you can make something of yourself. You can work at a daycare and watch young children, you can paint for a living or sketch or make puppets or doll dresses and sale them. I myself create doll dresses and sew them by hand, all of them are hand made and I also write poems for fun, and if you need to feel like you can amount to something, then have hobbies or a hobby, collect coins or old stamps...just do something with your time. are someone even if you do not make crafts or have hobbies and do not listen to people telling you, that you are useless...this just is not so.

Well, I hope my article was on some help to those living with abuse, and remember, do not make excuses for those harming you or belittling you in some way. There are safe houses to go to, if you are in an abusive relationship, and people do and will care about you, you'll see. For now, just do what you can to forget the abuse but do not stay with someone harming or abusing you. This is not love, even if they tell you they abuse you for your own good, as this shows you they love you. I been through all types of abuse in relationships and not all people are cruel and callous, as there are some nice people out there in this world that will care about you and love you, for whom you are, so shine on, be that shining star that you really are and let the world know you are special, cause' you are. Don't be a victim of abuse any longer, be strong and you can make it in life without someone harming your body or making you feel two inches tall. You are special to yourself so show yourself, you are special and allow others to know you are a wonderful and warm human being, and show everyone you have talents and hobbies, and that you can do whatever you set your mind to.

the end...