Does She Love Me or My Pocket?

Source: Augusta Okon -
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Some people believe in love at first sight while some don't for the simple reason that marriage eventually opens the door of reality to such people. They say when you are in love, you can go the extra mile, climb the highest mountain, sail through stormy weather, be willing to endure the weakness of the one you love and much more. However, only time will tell whether they truly love each other or "thought they did".

Money has overtime proven to be an indispensable tool in the success of relationships, the dearth of which has seen marriages, altar bound relationships, hit the "break up" gong. Though some say money is not essential in a relationship, but experiences of people who couldn't whether the financial storm think otherwise. After all, love can't pay the bills, it's money that can do that.!

Money, though important should not be a yardstick for starting a relationship. The man might be poor today, and tomorrow can turn out to be rich. Remember that man makes the money, and as long as he's a visionary, diligent, dedicated, abreast with latest information and other success factors, he'll certainly make it. Face it, the worst thing that can ever happen to a lady is to reject a man because he's not as comfortable as she wants and then learns over time that he's rolling in fortune! They say that behind every successful man is a woman, and this saying has proven overtime to be true.

Ladies, as a result of wanting their desires met ( especially money to shop for clothes, shoes, accessories, and the luxuries of life) conduct a financial scan on the man. Rich men are always on the "untrue love danger list" because the girls that come around simply want to suck their financial nectar and fly away. So it's really hard for them to know what to do. Even the 'comfortable' bachelors are not spared either. Women naturally love comfort and leave no stone unturned in ensuring that they get it. Only a few understand the principles governing relationships and truly love the man for being 'him' and not for what he has. There are always turbulent times in a relationship, times of plenty and well, times when things are scarce.

When the guy doesn't lavish her with gifts, money and all that, would she understand? Would she be willing to help him whether the storm, cover his nakedness, or would she be out of there in a jiffy? Can he rely on her? Can she inspire, motivate him to get up and start running again when he falls?does she know his vision in life? Can she help him accomplish such or would be the obstacle in his path? There are so many questions that men, seemingly in love, don't take out time to find the 'hidden answers'. If she loves you for the money, you'll know, if you're willing to find out, and how do you find that out? A simple test of love is all you need.