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Osmond Offiafulu Agu Mbaka might not be your average Sylvester Stallone but he's sure fastening his steps into becoming one of the most sought after actor in the Nigerian movie scene.
Born 28 years ago, the hunky actor who is popularly known as Deri Nwamama paved his way into stardom with a notorious role he interpreted five years ago in the movies called Igbudu.

Here is the story of an actor who abandoned his polished English name for a fiery Igbo name.

Where does the name Offiafulu Agu come from?
Offiafulu Agu was a name given to me by my grandfather when I was small. If you called me that name back then, I would quarrel with you, but when I grew up I became very fanatica about traditional names. I have an English name but I don't believe in answering Osmond Mike, like some people when you ask them their names.
There was also a name I carved out for myself when I was small just because I didn't want people to call me Offia, so I inherited Okechukwu as my name then.
My English name Osmond means lover of flowers, so I dropped the name for Offia which depicts a more rugged person.

What's your background?
I graduated from the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) in Enugu. I read Interior Decoration and Land Scaping. My background? Permit me to say I'm a typical Wawa man because when people call it Enugu State, it's a baptismal name. I am from Amaokwe in Udi local Government Area.

For how long have you been in the movie industry?
I've been in the movie industry for about 10 years now, but behind the camera for a long time. I only started acting around the years 2000/2001. My first movie entitled Fantastisco Carnival wasn't that popular. After that I starred in Osuofiason.
But I think the movie that actually brought me into the limelight was Igbudu.

What's your relationship to Rev.Father Ejike Mbaka?
We got to know each other before he became a Reverend Father but because of the name (Mbaka) people think we are related. We are not even from the same place, but he was a senior seminarian in St. Joseph's Major Seminary, Ikot Ekpene where I was a student. When most of his colleagues would come for Apostolic work in my school back then, St John's Nsukka, they would ask me: "Do you have an elder brother in the Senior Seminary?" I would say no. Eventually he came to my
school one day and demanded to see the Mbaka he's been hearing about. We met and became friends. Subsequently, he was ordained. Up till now, we have always
been in touch. We are really like brothers, when it gets too hard I always run to him for some spiritual reinforcement.

Why didn't you end up a Reverend Father?
If priesthood were to be a profession, I tell you, I would have been ordained. But it is a destiny, you must have the calling. The only thing about me was that I knew how I got into the seminary and I just left on my own. It's a long long story. It was actually when I was doing my first and only year of apostolic work in Nsuka.

Did you interupt your studies because you impregnated a lady?
(Laughs) No. Sorry, you won't believe that I never had any knowledge of a woman till I left everything about the seminary. The only girl I was very close to then was my elder sister. I jus left the missionary on my own.

Have you ever been confronted to homosexuality?
Yes, one day at Winis Lagos a homosexual approached me. I tricked him and ran back to Enugu. I know in the industry they say this person is, that person is. To me, any person who does that might be deriving some joy out of it. I am into a serious relationship with Ameze from Edo State, she is not in the industry and she is still a student.