By NBF News

You think Kaduna voters will not vote PDP out of sympathy for their son who is the vice president?

Namadi was not elected as vice president. He is only there by an act of destiny, and secondly, he was a failure while in government in the state. For the three years he was governor, he only succeeded in messing up the state and its people.

So, the best the people of Kaduna State can do is actually to repay him in his own coins by not voting PDP. Because he has nothing to show, in fact the best he had to show was the N416 billion debt he left behind which is too colossal for a state like Kaduna. Fifty per cent of the debt are foreign loans. You can see that even if we come on board, we have to think of how to solve the effects of these foreign loans.

All said and done, we may be forced to possibly institute a probe, because I am not sure the loans were properly utilized for the good of the people. So he has to come back, and I hope by then he will no more be vice president, because their term must have expired. He has to come and give proper account of the loans he collected.

From my own calculations, between May 2007 and November 2009, Kaduna collected close to N90 billion, including allocations going to the local governments, because the ex-governor, Namadi Sambo had cornered everything. He collected close to N90 billion, what have they been able to do with that money?

If you take a look at Kaduna which is a capital city, is there any change from 2003 till date?

There has never been any change since 2007 when he became governor. The only change that you see is the cluster of billboards all over the place, saying 'Namadi Sambo daram dam dam', that is all. Literally meaning Namadi Sambo for ever, you understand.

So that is all. Of course, if we are to make an assessment of government and their performances, Namadi would score A+ in terms of billboard publicity, apart from that, there is nothing to his credit. If you are talking about healthcare delivery in the state , it's in a parlous state. Mortality rate is even higher than he met it, because there are no drugs in government hospitals in Kaduna State.

Even for ordinary patient's reference card, people have to pay to obtain it. Yet he has the audacity to tell people there is free medical care in Kaduna which is not correct. If you go to the schools this 21st century, pupils are still taking lessons on bare ground that is not floored. I think this is sad, in spite of all the colossal amounts that accrued to the state. ,secondary schools are not properly equipped and teachers are not properly remunerated. Same for health workers who had to go on strike two months ago.

But Yakowa is a new man, suppose he picks his party's ticket . What happens?

Mr. Patrick Yakowa is an excellent gentleman with formidable years of experience, a very good technocrat. But what you have to understand is that PDP is a party that is on its way out of governance, not only in Kaduna State, but in Nigeria generally.

So whether it is Sambo or Yakowa or Makarfi, PDP has had enough opportunity and the people of Kaduna State have had enough of PDP. There's no two ways about it. They will not make it in the election, God willing.