Usain Bolt Loses $12 Million Savings To Scam

By Chimezie Nebolisa

World fastest man, Usain Bolt have discovered $12 million missing from an account he had with Kingston-based investment firm Stocks and Securities Ltd.

Bolt’s lawyer Linton P. Gordon in an interview recently told him there was only about $12,000 remaining in the account. The account was part of Bolt’s retirement and lifetime savings.

Gordon provided newsmen with a copy of a letter sent to Stocks & Securities Limited demanding that the money be returned, stating that Bolt’s account once had 12.8 million dollars but now reflects a balance of only 12,000 dollars (£9,724).

Gordon said: “If this is correct, and we are hoping it is not, then a serious act of fraud larceny or a combination of both have been committed against our client.”

Stocks & Securities Limited has said it discovered the fraud earlier this month and that several of its clients may be missing millions of dollars.