Malaika Denies Drug Tale, Storms Ajah

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Alayeluwa Sule Alao Malaika has denied the rumour making the rounds that he was arrested in South Africa over a drug-related offence.

Speaking with NFC, Malaika,who was in South Africa for the shooting of the musical video of his album, Africa Like Europe, said “I am neither a drug peddler nor a barron, the rumor is the work of mischief makers. Thank God, I do clean business and all I have today is through music, the records are there.”

KS1, as he is popularly called, said doubting Thomases should come to Alesh Hotel, Ajah, to see him perform tonight in a show, which he said is his last before Ramadan.

According to him, “as a good Muslim, I have to observe the 30-day Ramadan fasting