By NBF News

Evangelist (Dr.) Kenneth Oti, a poet, author and publisher, is President General of the Nigerian Youths For Goodluck Jonathan 2011.

He said that President Goodluck Jonathan should be supported to continue in office beyond May 28, 2011.

You were once the President-General of the National Youth Movement For Igbo Presidency. What happened to that group?

The motivation behind the formation of the organisation has, to a large extent, been assuaged, though silently. Besides, racial politics is grossly outdated now internationally. Globalisation has made it imperative for the world to move into a community in diplomacy and politics.

Does that imply that the need to campaign for a Nigerian president of Igbo extraction has been eroded?

That's just what am saying in other words. The realities on the ground do not encourage regional politics. It is outdated. The need for national unity and peaceful co-existence among the Nigerian tribes and numerous ethnic groups does not permit sectional bigotry and parochialism, either. We have gone beyond that evolution.

Suspicion and aggression always trail youth political activism. What is the main focus of your organization, especially as many outfits and interest groups have sprouted for Goodluck Jonathan's presidency 2011?

are not an official or government sponsored youth organisation. We are rather productive Nigerian youths with sound convictions and vision, exercising our constitutional rights in a democracy. We are out to defy the corrupt, inept and brutal establishment. And, if Nigerians act in concert, we believe, everyone will do, this drastic change and silent revolution, which God has offered us through the emergence of President Jonathan, should be the last spasm of vicious regimes in their iniquitous throes.

Youth politics in Nigeria has been illegitimated and de-prioritized. We are out to rekindle 'clean' youth activities and participation in Nigerian politics. The hope we need is in the youths, for modern and positive transformations in our society.

What is your take on the many organizations and interest groups with statements on 2011?

It is a kind of seduction; because Nigerians want a break. And it is healthy for our cause. This is obviously the dawn of a new beginning. Goodluck Jonathan is God's therapy to Nigeria's very many problems. He offers the best hope we need of changing our society for the better. There's something un-nervingly gracious about Jonathan. He is a perfect profile of humility, patience, intelligence and grace. And, we believe, he shall be the nemesis of our country's very powerful and entrenched political thugs masquerading as leaders. This is a new dawn for Nigeria; and President Jonathan is a different proposition.

How do you intend to realize your objectives?
President Jonathan has proved to be a leader with listening ears. He responds to public demands, pressures, and criticisms. These are attributes of a skillful leader. We are scared that he may cave in to the pressure by some individuals not to contest the 2011 elections. So we shall, through advocacy, rallies, seminars, workshops, campaigns and conferences carry out our activities.

Nigeria needs a national leader, not a tribal, ethnic or zonal leader. We shall, therefore, appeal, beg most humbly, lobby; and because politics is supposed to be an act of persuasion; encourage President Jonathan not to abandon the youths to the woeful fate that had fallen them. He should kindly run for the presidential office in 2011.

How is your organization funded?
We are funded through individual donations, contributions, fund raising programmes, etc. In fact, a woman who has no political interest donated a brand new Coaster Bus to us. People who share our similar ideas and aspirations are donating their cars, office complexes all over the country; computers and many are sponsoring our numerous projects.

We shall add a lot of creativity and innovations in our campaigns. We shall contribute in our own little ways to make President Jonathan a superstar; though he is already one. That exactly is the demand of our present