Qatar Will Be My Last World Cup - Szczesny

By Chimezie Nebolisa
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Poland goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny has indicated that the World Cup in Qatar is likely to be his last, but added that he is not yet ready to end his international career.

Szczesny told reporters: "I can't imagine being able to play football in 2026 with the same fire I feel today, and that means I won't be playing football. However, four years is a long time. It can change (but) I have the feeling that I am playing my last World Cup. Later it could turn out that I play two more. I can't promise anything, but that was my feeling when I went out to play against Sweden."

The 32-year-old stressed that he did not feel old enough to think about ending his international career.

"I can't imagine playing my last match for the national team at this World Cup, just to be clear. I would like it to be a special tournament. At this World Cup, I hope that the match in the final will be my last. Well, it could the third-place one.”