Barcelona won’t make any January signing - Laporta

By Chimezie Nebolisa

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has declared that the club may not sign players in the January transfer window due to LaLiga's financial fair play rules.

Laporta said: “Barca's accounts are "healthy" again. We had to make some levers, which were economic operations that saved the club from ruin, and now the club is in economic recovery. But despite that, according to the rules of financial fair play of the Spanish league, we cannot sign. Us and some other LaLiga clubs are also trying to convince LaLiga to be more flexible, and allow us other types of interpretations that can make Barcelona even stronger."

Laporta added that Barcelona needed to generate more income and reduce costs.

He insisted, however, that the financial fair play "should be harmonised" in all European leagues "because there are inequalities in this regard".