Man Jailed Over Planned Terrorist Attack I El Classico

By Chimezie Nebolisa

Mohammed Yassi Amrani who received orders from the jihadist Islamic State group to carry out a drone attack against a Barcelona-Real Madrid football match was sentenced by a Spanish court to three years in jail on Monday.

Amrani became “a member of Daesh during a fast process” of radicalisation in 2020, according to his indictment, using the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State group.

After he called for “jihad” in a Facebook post in March 2020, he was contacted online by an Islamic State recruiter who asked to communicate with Amrani through Telegram, a popular encrypted messaging app.

Through Telegram Amrani was ordered to carry out an attack to “purify his life and assure a place in paradise” and make up for having drunk alcohol in the past and shunned religion.

His Islamic State contact instructed him to fly a drone packed with explosives over Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium during a match between Barcelona and Real Madrid and then blow it up.

No date for the planned attack was given. At the time Spain was under a severe Covid-19 pandemic lockdown and matches were suspended.

Police arrested Amrani in May 2020 and on Monday sentenced him to three years in jail for planning an attack “following an agreement from all sides,” a court spokesman did.

Source: SuperSport