Summerslam 2022 : Roman Reigns Wins As  lesnar Destroys Ring With Tractor

By Chigozie Anueyiagu, The Nigerian Voice Sports

For years now, WWE fans have seen countless main event clashes between Roman Reigns & Brock Lesnar. But yesterday rivalry scripting took a whole new level comes to an end, as it’s been hyped as their last match – which makes it fitting that it’s Last Man Standing rules which does not recognize any form of disqualification

This would be the ninth time that Brock Lesnar would be in the main event of Summerslam – the most in WWE history. And this ne the first time he brings a tractor to the ring.

Lesnar would dive from the tractor onto Reigns with a Thesz Press, before a lariat over the top rope. A suplex on the floor would quickly follow, before another one which would see Reigns launched off the steel steps. He’d get back up by the count of four, before Lesnar would look to hit the F5.

Reigns would fight free, before being driven into a steel support beam, but would get up at five again. A table would be taken out from under the ring, and Paul Heyman would run the distraction – allowing Reigns to hit the Samoan Drop through the table. Lesnar would be up by the count of seven, before another table would come out.

Back into the ring, Lesnar would take the Superman Punch, but it’d take a second to drop him – before a spear put Lesnar down for the eight count. Lesnar would avoid a second, before driving Reigns through a table with a spinebuster. Reigns would get up by eight, before Lesnar would get behind the wheel of the tractor.

Lesnar would set up the tractor for some wicked plan, before getting out and smashing Reigns in the face with a piece of the table. Reigns was up by the count of nine, before being put in the front loader. Reigns was lifted and dropped into the ring from the front loader..

Reigns would find his way back to a standing position, before being taken to Suplex City. Lesnar would set up and land the F-5, and Reigns got up for the count of nine. Another F-5 would be blocked into the chokehold, before Lesnar blocked into a choke of his own. Reigns somehow got to his feet by nine once again, and Lesnar went back to the tractor.

He’d move the ring with the tractor, apparently keen on flipping the thing. Reigns would roll to the floor, but would get back to his feet. The Usos would hit the scene, but Lesnar would toss them with suplexes. He’d F-5 Heyman through the announce table before taking a spear from Reigns.

Both men got to their feet, but Reigns would collapse. The music of Theory would hit, and he found this being the chance to cash in. He’d hit Reigns in the face with the briefcase, but wouldn’t formally cash in before taking an F-5. Lesnar took a double superkick, with Reigns on his feet.

Lesnar would get to his feet before another spear would land. He’d beat the count again, before Reigns would smack Theory with the briefcase and then Lesnar. Again, Lesnar broke the count before taking the title to the face.Signs of life from Lesnar at eight would see him get up once again, and Reigns would nail him again before burying him in rubble. This finally kept Lesnar down, and STILL UNDISPUTED WWE UNIVERSAL CHAMPION