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Show Dem Crew is made up of two talented young rap artistes whose real names are Wale Davies aka Tec from Lagos and Olumide Ayeni aka Ghost from Osun State. The verity of being called Ghost, according to Olumide, has nothing to do with being dead but its rather an euphemism attached to 'my nature of being vague and opaque, if not a little scary when pitched against any rival in a musical contest. I can't be seen or figured out easily.'

In an encounter with Blockbuster, Show Dem's Davies reveals a lot about the group's music, their parents and fans' reaction, and most especially, their relationship with women. Excerpts:

In the beginning
Our foray into music started from our university days in Coventry in the United Kingdom. I studied Business and Law, while Olumide studied Engineering. When it was discovered by our colleagues in school that we happen to be exceptionally good, a contest was organized, which went on for hours, without a clear winner. As fate would have it, we decided to hook up as a rap team.

Parental opposition
Our parents are family friends right from the time we were kids. We didn't know this until much later when we became a musical group and came back home. Our parents couldn't believe what had gone wrong with us in deciding to dump our studies for music. Their resistance at first was stiff but with time when they started hearing us on radio and television, they gradually came around and now we enjoy their support.

Latest works
Our latest singles currently making waves are Yawa on the Dance floor and Tell Me Nothing We have also completed a collaborative album entitled, The Dreamers with a number of talented up and coming artistes. Top musicians like M.I and Sound Sultan have already contributed songs to the project. People that listen to our music will know that we are ready to show the industry a new kind of rap music.

Coping with female admirers
Female fans seem to find us irresistible. Wherever we go to perform, ladies go crazy for us and it takes a lot of self-control to manage the temptation that comes from these beautiful women folks. However, on the part of Olumide, he maintains a steady relationship, while I'm currently out of one. I quit my relationship because it was making too much demands on my time and emotions. I didn't have the time to give the lady much of what she was expecting of me and we had to end it, even though we remain friends.