Gerrard Opens Up On Aston Villa Move

By Ibrahim Taiwo, The Nigerian Voice Sports

Steven Gerrard has revealed that the opportunity to coach Aston Villa was too big to turn down.

Gerrard was announced as the new coach of Aston Villa last week after leaving Rangers.

"I have to respect that the leagues are very different in terms of the level, but I've learned an awful lot in the past 3-1/2 years. I've lived under that pressure and that demand to win every single week and to compete," he added.

"I think going into another league - different teams, different coaches, different challenges - that's something we'll adapt to pretty quickly.

"The good thing is that I've played many years in the league so I know the level, I know the players, I know the styles. And I've got a real experienced group of coaches as well."

Gerrard guided Rangers to their first Scottish title since 2010 without losing a game.