When suddenly he decided to join politics as a showbiz man, many people, including friends and relations warned him to shelve the idea. But today, the popular actor and television presenter, Yemi Sodimu, is a Special Adviser on Information in Ogun State.

He is loved and revered by all and sundry. His weekly programme, Panadol Extra has since grown to become a household name on NTA network and other television stations across Nigeria.

Recently, he stormed the northern part of the country with same programme under the title: Gaani ya fijii. His presence in the north, particularly Kano, has given the Panadol brand leverage in terms of acceptance and efficacy. Other popular programmes by the enigmatic Sodimu include, I dey Kampe and Gbarada.

I grew up in Abeokuta. I also had my elementary education in Abeokuta. I attended Trinity Nursery and Primary School in Abeokuta. Although I had my secondary education at St Paul Secondary School in Lagos, I later graduated from Eko Boys High School where I sat for my West African School Certificate Examination (WASCE). I graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife, in Osun state and had my National Youth Service at the National Television Authorities (N.T.A) Ilorin, Kwara State. I worked with the Ruyi Communications for barely 10 years where I displayed my talents. Later, I left for my second degree, where I bagged a Masters in Mass Communication.

My Independence

I don't deceive myself, I knew if I went the way I was going, I may not achieve my dream, so I resigned from my high post in Ruyii Communication Company in spite of the salary that I earned as at that time. I then decided to work for myself. I established a registered company, Yemi Sodimu and Associates. I practised in all aspects of entertainments. And I started the business some years back, under the eagle eye monitoring of my grand-mum. I explore on my talents.


All was God. My mum was also very instrumental to my success. She gave me her blessings and lots of costly advices which made me to find everything easier later in life.

Film production

The industry is large and it's a bit tedious for someone like me to enter. Nevertheless, I still found time to work and I can't ever recall any costly mistake. I don't always feature in video movies. People sometimes ask me to take distinguished roles. And for every role that I have played it is always thrilling at the end. But I have taken vital roles in Ti oluwa nile, Ayoni mo fe, Ko see gbe, Saworo ide, O le ku, White Handkerchief, The Honourable and many others.

Radio and Television presentation

I am a nedia relations officer, a programmer and presenter. I anchor to the delight of the public programming such as Aja lo leru on Radio Lagos on Tuesdays, I also present the newly created Kaaro o jire on the Galaxy Television. I co-ordinated the Gateway Games raffle draws. I equally present programmes on NTA network as well as on the NTA Band Stand.

Ogun State Development:

As an indigene of the state. I am one of the stake-holders. Therefore, I wouldn't want anything to go wrong with the land. Over the years, Ogun State had been held captive by household giants. For a genuine transition, I was at the fore-front in the campaign for the true democratisation process and genuine government. In the 2003 election campaign process, I was in the front, so I became very controversial. Otunba Gbenga Daniel (OGD) is the right man with the vision to make changes in Ogun State. So I was privy to his assumption of office as governor.

Entertainment industry

We have over the years embarked on a serious war against unworthy artistes. But they were daily increasing and getting more corrupt. It is not easy to flush them out in one day. But the truth is that someday they shall meet their waterloo. And the water shall find its level. It is illiteracy that is affecting many of them really.

Panadol Extra

I have established it logically that Panadol Extra is a programme whose vision goes beyond custom and culture, since entertainment does not have language or tradition. Language has no colour and one can't show excitement in a particular language. When you are excited, you can't jump in Hausa or Igbo, you would just jump and everyone would get the message. So, ethnicity has nothing to do with the programme. Not even with Panadol. The programme itself is a healer. In a nutshell, by the time we left Kano the people were happier than we met them.