Kate Henshaw

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There is cute, there is pretty, there is hot and there is beautiful. Kate Henshaw-Nuttal falls in the beautiful bracket. Her lips, her eyes, her hair, her body, compliment her pretty natural face which takes on a healthy chocolate hue.

Kate, has been through a lot, and has come out gold. Married to a Britton – Roderic James Nuttal, she admits it – actresses are asked for sex to get roles, said she, “It does happen.” Has it happened to her? “Never. Not at all. A few girls have walked up to me,” telling her they've been asked for sex. But Kate would counsel from a feminine point of view: “Say no! Believe in yourself. Believe in your confidence. No matter how long it takes do not sell yourself short. Because once you do that, that is what they will tie you down with.” The girls took to the advice, refused sex and according to Kate, but too bad (if that is the word) “they didn't get the role.”
A voice should go forth
The fight for the position of the National PRO of AGN is going to be a kill or cure, you are either successful or not. This actress who “shot my first film (The Sun Sets), 1993 and it was released 1994” says if she becomes PRO, “I want to work with people who have the same vision like myself and the rest of the people that'll be in the cabinet.” She has never done politics before but the former student of Federal Government Girls College, Calabar “where I was Social Prefect,” said, she used her sociable qualities against other contenders. “I'm a people person,” says Kate a graduate of “Medical Microbiology at the school of Medical Laboratory Sciences, Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH