Nigerian home video lovers who claim ignorance of the distinctive face and looks of Nigerian's most popular actor, Saint Obi, must be a strange lot. Saint Obi's ascension into the highly important first place he occupies in the heart of his many fans is almost magical.

Born in Mbaitoli, Imo state "those-not-so-many years ago" (he won't tell you exactly how old he is) is Nigeria's screen god. The 1991 graduate of Theatre Arts from the University of Jos did not go into acting immediately after graduation.

Saint ObiInstead, his handsome face, wonderful mien and great body quickly got him modelling jobs. He was a model for a few years before he decided to try his hands at the profession which he has spent some four years (sons strikes, riots, etc) studying.

Although he has been in quite a few stage plays, Saint Obi did not hit the national limelight until he debuted in the widely acclaimed home video, Without Love. From then on, producers and directors have continued to scramble for the model/actor who claims marriage is still quite far from being his immediate concern right now.

To date, he has starred in most of the films that are considered the most popular in Nigeria. Sakobi, Goodbye Tomorrow, Heart of Gold, Amadas, Last Party, are a few of the films in which he has acted.
Saint Obi continues to model.

Not too long ago, he won a highly lucrative contract to model for Bevista, one of Nigeria's few highbrow boutiques. Right now, speculation is rife that Bevista might renew his one year contract given the huge marketing success Saint Obi has become for the boutique, a success which has translated into huge sales for the clothiers of past Nigerian presidents.
Saint Obi continues to ride high as one of Nigeria's better paid actors. How much he grosses per film, he won't tell you.
His high status and stature in the industry is of course enough proof that he is making a neat pile of money. Stardom and relative wealth have however left this handsome dude as simple as they met him.

For the star whose parents were once opposed to his opting for acting instead of the many other more lucrative professions, he has carved a solid niche for himself and none can begrudge him enjoying his well deserved success.