Two American NFL Stars Declared Wanted For Armed Robbery

By Ibrahim Taiwo, The Nigerian Voice Sports
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Two popular American Sport Stars, Deandre Baker and Quinton Dunbar have been declared wanted for armed robbery at a house party.

The NFL stars were said to have robbed other guests at gunpoint.

About $12,000 (£9,850) in cash and watches worth up to $25,000 were taken. None of them have been arrested.

According to the police arrest warrant, the incident occurred after an argument broke out at the house party, where guests were playing cards and video games.

Baker allegedly took out a gun before he, Dunbar and another man - described as wearing a red mask - started taking valuables and cash from people.

The man in the red mask is not fully identified in the reports.

Baker allegedly asked this person to shoot one witness, but the red masked man did not do so.

All three then made off in separate vehicles - a Mercedes Benz, a Lamborghini and a BMW.

The police affidavit said one witness was "under the impression this was planned out", as the three getaway vehicles "were later pre-positioned to expedite an immediate departure from the area".

Baker, 22, is facing eight charges in total, four for armed robbery and four for aggravated assault with a firearm. Dunbar, 27, has been charged with four counts of armed robbery.

The NFL says it is aware of the incident but has not commented. A statement issued by the New York Giants said they had been in touch with Deandre Baker and they had no further comment.

Deandre Baker plays for New York Giants and Quinton Dunbar is on the books of Seattle Seahawks.

Both men play as cornerbacks for their respective teams.