NANPF Condemn Sacking Of Players By SMS

By Ibrahim Taiwo, The Nigerian Voice Sports

The National Association of Nigeria Professional Footballers, NANPF has warned Nigerian clubs through its general secretary, Austin Popo, to desist from terminating contractual agreements with players via SMS.

The players' union laments over the indiscriminate sacking of players without due process, describing the practice as unprofessional.

Popo said in a statement:
"The players union wants clubs to be more professional and stop sending players sack messages through SMS, and through other unprofessional practices"

“We know these are not normal times , because of the impact of COVID-

19 on the industry"
“The union condemns the indiscriminate use of test message to convey the sack of players without the dignity of discussing with their players and, the union as recommended by FIFA and the president of the country on the sack of Nigerian workers, suggesting that all decisions must be collective in nature"

"It is important we recognise the fact that the player is not just a sportsman, but also a workman with rights and as such must be treated as one."

"The Union therefore wants the NFF and the leagues to take up their responsibilities and halt this ugly trend from the clubs before it gains popularity."