COVID-19: Serie A Players Set To Resume Training

By Ibrahim Taiwo, The Nigerian Voice Sports
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In readiness to resume sporting activities in Italy, football players from some Italian clubs are set to resume individual trainings as Italy begins to lift lockdown rules gradually.

Italy's Prime Minister, Guiseppe Conte has given green light to restaurants to resume service next week, as well as lifting the stay-at-home orders.

Conte has delayed announcing a restart to the Serie A season for fear of another spike in contagions for a disease that has officially killed 28,710 in Italy.

Amidst the uncertainties surrounding the Covid19 situation in Italy, Conte is only allowing clubs to resume team training on May 18.

Meanwhile, some regions that have avoided the casualties of the pandemic have said they will use the loophole to begin individual trainings starting from Monday.

The voluntary sessions will affect teams such as Napoli in the south and the central Emilia-Romagna region’s Bologna and Parma.

Lazio have also revealed plans to resume individual training at their sport centre.

According to reports, six players will be allowed on an open pitch at a time and they will be barred from using the changing rooms to minimise the threat of contagion.

Serie A clubs unanimously voted last Friday to finish the 2019-20 season — suspended since March 9 with Juventus leading Lazio by a point.