Italian Doctor Frowns At Starting Serie A In May

By Ibrahim Taiwo , The Nigerian Voice Sports

A top specialist in infectious diseases said on has frowned at the decision of the FIGC to restart SerieA next month.

Every football event across the country which has recorded more than 20,000 deaths from the Covid19 pandemic has been on suspension since March 9 .

The head of infections at Italy's National Institute of Health, Doctor Giovanni Rezza said “If I had to give a technical view, sincerely it would not be a favourable one. That being said, it will be of course for the politicians to decide, I’ve heard certain people propose more strict observations with players tested every few days. But sincerely it seems to me a slightly far-fetched theory. And we’re almost in May already”

“It’s obvious that politicians will decide. But it’s a sport that involves contact and that contact could imply a certain risk of transmission.”

Meanwhile, the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) is set to meet on Wednesday to discuss the medical protocols surrounding players training again, with lockdown measures in the country extended to May 3.

According to local reports, there's possibility that the league could resume in May with players returning to training starting from May 4. “We’ll start, I hope, at the start of May with tests to make sure the players are negative and that training can start,” the FIGC’s president Gabriele Gravina told Sky Sport on Monday.