Barcelona Legend Xavi Donates €1m To Fight Coronavirus 

By Ibrahim Taiwo , The Nigerian Voice Sports

Barcelona legend Xavi Hernandez has donated €1 million to a hospital in the city to help its overburdened health care system deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

The former Spain international, who is the head coach of Al-Sadd in Qatar, has given the money to Hospital Clinic after the medical centre appealed for more resources to aid its response to the crisis.

Xavi, 40, made the donation with his partner, journalist Nuria Cunillera, and said in a social media video that the cash would go towards "purchasing sanitary equipment for professionals and patients."

Lionel Messi has already supported Hospital Clinic's call for action as part of a €1m donation spread across Barcelona and his native Argentina last month. The Alcantara brothers, Thiago and Rafinha, have also contributed.

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola has also provided support to help Catalonia's battle against coronavirus. He gave €1m to the Barcelona Medical College and the Angel Soler Daniel foundation last month. (ESPN)