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Against the background of alleged brutalization of a student of Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti, Miss Abigael Ige, the Accra, Ghana based All African Students Union (AASU) has petitioned President Goodluck Jonathan and the Inspector General of Police, demanding the probe of the maltreatment of the student.

In the same vein, the AASU equally demanded an apology from the Police authorities within seven days over the alleged uncivil behaviour of the policemen that were involved in the beating and ensure the culprits were brought to book.

The union in the petition signed by its Secretary-General, Oludare Ogunlana, said the students would no longer fold their arms and watch some few uncivilized elements within the society terminate lives of promising young Nigerians for no just reason, 'this we shall ensure is followed to the most logical conclusion.'

While condemning the inhuman act, AASU appealed to all Nigerian students to remain calm as prompt action from authorities involved was being awaited.

'This uncivilized conduct of the men of the Nigeria Police force is highly unfortunate. It is highly unprofessional, unethical and violation of oath of allegiance of the Nigeria Police to protect the innocent citizens as peace officers. If an innocent lady could be brutalized, dehumanized and beaten to a state of coma, the implication is that the entire citizens are not safe.

'This notorious policemen would have killed her secretly and lie to the public that the innocent lady was killed during a cross fire between the police and armed robbers. The incident in Ogun State where an innocent woman, Ms. Fumilayo, an employee of Demir Farm, was killed in Sagamu by the police is still very fresh in our memory.

That these men could for no just cause descend brutally on unarmed innocent Nigerian student, a lady for that matter without any evidence of provocation is a criminal act in itself.

AASU said it did not only view the incident as a high level of injustice against an innocent citizen of Nigeria but also a further exposure of the depth of Professional misconduct that had characterized the operations of the men of the Nigeria Police.

The petition read: 'This is not the first time that the Nigeria Police will be brutalizing Nigeria students for no reason. They have raped our students several times without any repercussion. It is no more news, that the Nigerian police have abdicated their responsibility of providing security, protection of citizens, investigation and arraignment of criminals for prosecution.

Rather, they have resorted to harassment, intimidation and physical assault of innocent citizens, while running for cover when robbers strike. The Nigeria police have been notorious with records of killing innocent drivers that refused to give bribes on the highway. Instances abounds. In fact, the Nigeria Police remains the number one hazard on our highways, followed by the bad roads and armed robbery. These three factors always lead to the cause of major accidents resulting to loss of life on the Nigeria road everyday.'

Vowing that the Student Union would not for any reason treat occurrences like others before it, that had led to the loss of lives of several Nigerians especially the unarmed innocent Nigerian students, it warned that the only option available for the Inspector General of Police, (IGP) was to either act decisively or resign voluntarily.

AASU said it was determined to ensure that everyone involved in the brutalization of this innocent students were brought to justice 'as we are also prepared to put a stop to this uncivilized conduct of men of the Nigeria Police.

'We want to inform Nigerians that we are determined to put an end to the reoccurring menace of Police brutality in Nigeria which has in no small measure contributed to the bad image that has been ascribed to the nation, Nigeria in the international community,' AASU noted.