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Henry Michaels was a cameraman in Nollywood who died mysteriously in a swimming pool while on a movie location. spoke to his mentor, Ngozi Ikebakwu on the life and what caused the death of the deceased who had since being buried on 17th March, 2007.

Tell us a bit about the deceased
Late Henry Michaels was an apprentice with House of Macro and he moved to Power Studios in year 2002. There he applied as camera assistant, he was eventually employed and I was the head of the camera department. Then I was saddled with the responsibility of properly training him. Sooner than later Henry proved to be a faithful servant. He was loved and respected by everyone around him. He graduated to become a cameraman.

When did he die and what caused his death?
He died on 4th of March, 2007. I was not there when he died but the people around him but he was shooting a movie for Mount Zion Movies in Ibadan, Oyo State. I report I got was that he went swimming in a pool. Eye witnesses said he did not dive but after a long while when they noticed he was not floating efforts were made to search for him. He was rescued but had almost given up he ghost. He was rushed to the hospital where he gave up the ghost.

Was he married?
No he was not married.

Would anything be done to immortalize Henry Michaels?
For now I cannot say. But the only thing that can be done now is to give him a befitting burial.

What about his parents?
Initially nobody knew his contact but the Nigerian Society of Cinematographers (NSC) eventually got in touch with his relatives. I don't think his parents are alive. Though there are a few of his relatives we have contacted.

Who is going to be responsible for his burial?
Mount Zion Ministries will be responsible for the mortuary and transportation of the corpse from Ibadan down to Lagos. His relatives will bear the cost from the lying-in-state to being committed to mother earth.