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Good health is not only about being sickness free, it is also about being fit and well. With the current wake up call to keeping fit and eating healthy, Africans and especially Nigerians are having a hard time adjusting to this current way of life.

But the good news is that keeping fit could be fun if the individual involved engages in different exercises as having fun and not as hard work or punishment. Almost every fitness-conscious individual would agree that exercises are good for muscle tone and lots of people are prepared to put exercising programmes in place.

This is because anyone doing regular exercise enjoys seeing good muscle tone in the arms and legs, chest, abdomen, back, but then, proper massaging with exercises will add fun to the fitness programme hence, making the skin healthier.

Exercises are known to keep the body in harmony. They restore the hormonal levels and make organs to produce good quality lifestyle. What then is the trick to continue exercising? First, you must keep to a programme. Start safely; check your blood pressure before trying a new exercise so that you don't do anything harmful to your health.

Exercise routines with the aid of the Exercise Balls are the greatest generators of fun during a fitness programme. They are every woman's desire to keep as fit as a fiddle.