Nyako Called Adamawa Citizen To Be Cautioned Of Abuja Based Politician

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Nyako, debunked the statement credited to Adamawa state elders forum that his led administration is government by the few and for the few that fail to responsive to the yearnings and aspiration of the peoples.

The governor who cautioned its citizen to be aware of abuja based politicians who are bent in removing him out of office come 2012 said that Abuja based politicial are desperate and stategised to use all means to tansh its image

The governor who said that there is nothing wrong with rotation government in the state charged the politicians to allow the electorates to determine who should be their leaders.

The governor who spoke through the secretary to the state government Aris Kobbis in his yola official resident on sunday told group of journalists that Adamawa elders forum lack people of integrity in which he alleged is made up of questionable characters who are looking for platform for their selfishness ambition not the minority interest.

Kobbis pointed out that there is no stakeholders in Adamawa state that love the state that would like to set the state on fire the way the so call elder are doing.

According to kobbis those disgruntled elders are out to cause problem by setting brother against brothers because government fail to honour their monetary demands.

Kobbis however emphasis that member of the elder's forum who held leadership position in the past in the state should be questioned of the legacy they left behind while in sway of power and wonder while they have the state machinery in their possession they could not represent the minority in which they are fighting for.

''this people are crying wolf where there is none stressing iam from minotity tribe any one of them should come out and tell us any meanful project they implemented while they are in power pointing out that Nyako led administration is devine establish to take the state to the promise land.''

The secretary to Adamawa state government noted that the formation of the elders forum is made up of Abuja based politicians who did not have political structure but decided to hid under religion, ethnicity to look for sympathy of the people they have failed while in power and also score sheep political relevance for themelseves

Kobbis pointed out that the government will not fold its hand to allow disgruntle elders forum set the state on fire noted that the riot act law is existing in the the state that whoever they found want no matter high the person is place will be deal with in coffer of the law.

He maintained that if they mean well to development of the state they would have contribute through advacing the government on the right direction rather painting the system black.