Ruggedman escapes death by the whiskers •Crashes into stationery luxurious bus

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Ruggedman, (Micheal Ugochukwu Stevens), escaped being dispatched to the great beyond by the whiskers last weekend in Lagos.

According to 'Showbiznow' investigations, the for-front rappertainer was returning home, after a night of shows and partying on the Island on Friday, November 29, around 11:30pm.

The incident occurred as he descended the Akpomgbo bridge on high speed.
Like is typical of Lagos roads, street lights are only for decoration or else, he would have spotted the stationery luxurious bus, with number AX165 LSD, parked at the foot of the bridge, obstructing half of the road, with no caution sign in place to warn approaching vehicles.

Too late, he slammed on the brakes. However, crashed into the bus at top speed. His car ended up beneath the bus, a wreckage of metal and wires.

It was a sight to behold! Eyewitnesses who later arrived at the scene said that the driver of the car did not survive
Luckily, he miraculously escaped. Thanks for the timely arrival of Alariwo, Ifeoma of Gulder Ultimate Search, Basket Mouth and Papa Nothing Spoil, who drove up shortly afterwards and rescued him.

He was rushed to Saint Nicolas Hospital where he received emergency treatment for bruises sustained.
The Incidence has been reported to Police at Lion Building in Lagos. Meanwhile, word is rife that Ruggedman is set to sue the company that owns the bus for an undisclosed sum.
'Showbiznow' will keep y'all posted as events unfold.
Ruggedman, God pass them!