Angelic Love

By Melanie Miller
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You hold me affectionately and love me alone.
You kiss my lips with passion unknown to many,
and you look into my eyes with love that is saying devotion,

to me.
You make me feel elated and I am glad you are my angelic love.

You are that angel that came from heavens doors,
and I love and cherish you and shall forever more,
love just one man and tis' only you.
You are that slice of pure heaven tis true,
and only you alone can make me feel this special way, and you are

that shining star that glistens so bright.
You make the days and nights mesmorizing, and your love is amazing.

You take me into your arms and I can hide under your wings.

You sing to me a lovely tune and we are one together now.

You are my one and only desire and only you can make a spark, and make this love

kindle and flame.
You call out my name and I am yours for the taking.

There is no mistaking, it is you and you alone, I love and need...

and I shall cry those tears once you are gone, but for now...we must love one another.

and be strong in our love we share.
I shall never kiss another but you, and you know how much I am in love with you.

So stay with my my angel love and never let me go and always tell me you love me

and I shall say I will always love you so.

the end.