Candles and Their Magical Powers

By Melanie Miller

Many folks feel that the candle possess some magical powers and truth be know, it does! Magick is fun to cast, true, and you can use any number of colored candles...such as blue for healing spells as well as lavender. You may place flowers on the altar you may have or desk and thank the deity of your choice. I myself have an out door and indoor altar and one I created myself with the help of my husband as well. I do cast candle spells nearly every day. I love to worship different Gods and Goddesses, during all my ritual magick.

Some people find worshipping different deities to be the exception and some people think magick would not be magick if they did not have the required candles as needed during their magick spells.

I always use my candles and carve dates and names into it, plus a pentacle as well, carved right into the candle. I do use candles for love spells and healing spells and of course money and fortune spells as well. Most of my magick comes true.

You may wish to cast candle magick with a friend. You will feel at ease casting magick if done for good, but if done for bad misfortune for others, it may come back to haunt you not only in your dreams and nightmares but in reality as well.

I love casting spells for good luck as well, and take my candles and place inside a shoe box and place under my bed. This can be a good omen if you see images, wax images this is to say such as a heart, means you will reach your goals and find true love as well. Seeing images is a good thing to try, at home. You can obtain a book on candle magick and many occult books as well on magick, white, dark magick and grey magick. There are tons of books to select and chose from. Personally, I make up many of my own spells. I create them in my mind and they come true, often.

So if you want to cast candle magick, be my guest. Most witches will not cast their magick, unless they obtain candles, and fortune tellers use candles at their tables as well. You seen pictures of fortune readers having a crystal ball and a lit candle on their table, have you not?

Recently, a friend of mine, found out her husband was straying on her. I did a marriage spell for her for nothing, and told her to get counceling with her mate as well. She now took him back and has forgiven his wrong doing. They seem to be getting along a lot better now due to my magick spell.

If you need magick cast for you, there are plenty of witches and wizards eager to cast their magick for you, for a low cost or high fee, but beware of some witches that advertise needing tons of money. A real witch won't ask for your whole amount of cash you have stashed away or in the bank, so just be careful whom you trust. I can cast spells for a low price as many people email me to this date needing job and career spells. I cast a spell for someone that is an impressionist and he wants to be on stage. I told him, I would cast a fortune spell for him and now he will be going to Vegas to do some acts. Isn't magic great and see what it can do for if you need magick in your life, and don't we all, need a bit of magick in all our lives, then consider trying magick at home by yourself and be sure to use the right candle colors and you may find magick is most excellent for all your needs. I love magick and will continue to cast all my magick at home, or with a friend or my mate. We cast magick for us to stay together, and I cast a spell for him to love me and me alone and so far, he told me that I am the only woman he loves.

I love being a wiccan witch and have been for while if you want to become a witch you can become one.Just do what you feel is right in your heart, and you can not go wrong, as long as it is for the good and not for the bad. Well...I hope you have enjoyed reading my article, and thanks for dropping by.

the end...