Whispers in the Wind....

By Melanie Miller

Your voice is soft, like a whisper in the wind.
You are beauty and beauty is your name.
You come to me, embrace me, kiss my cheek,
and with your hand, you softly and gently touch my womanly face.

You make me feel alive inside, and joy fills my soul.

You make me want to lose all control, and be wanton for you alone!

You are like the wind, that carries my feet to destinations unknown.

We have grown together as lovers for such a long time...

and we are friensds too, tis' true..and we will always be carried by that

special wind of time...
I shall hear you calling me in the middle of the night and you shall whisper into

my ear, things I love and long to hear.

You are that gentle wind and will always be a good friend to me and more.

I care for you, and love you and you are the only one I love and adore.

We are the wind together, in a lost tunnel of dreams and hopes and desires,

and only we can ignite this fire in our souls.
So take me forever, in your arms.
You know..I can not resist your loving charms.
We shall be the wind forever and ever and we will sing a happy tune,

and we will always love one another, and you will be my angel man,

and I shall be your princess for all times to come.

the end...