Smart Basket Mouth Escapes Branson Push

Source: Victoria Ige -
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You wouldn't believe what happened yesterday, at a brief event to celebrate Virgin Atalntic's inaugural flight into Ghana.

At the well-attended event by the pool side of the Golden Tulip hotel, billionaire businessman Richard Branson, who's the boss of VA, attempted to push comedian Basketmouth into the pool. We're told Branson is used to pulling surprising stunts on guests at his events; and that he has pushed many of his friends into swimming pools at different parties.

But, yesterday in Accra, Nigerian comedian Basketmouth saw Branson coming. And he pulled a fast one – landing Branson in the pool.

Guests were shocked. And for a second, some thought the billionaire or his aides would take offence. But Mr Branson only reached out to Basket, inviting him to join him in the pool. 'Wait a minute', Basket seemed to say, as he took off his wrist watch, and dropped his mobile phone. Then he jumped into the pool where he posed for pictures with Branson.

'It was so unbelievable; but ended up being very interesting, and one of the high points of the night', an amused guest told NET.

'He cracked Richard Branson up after that, and he got the man laughing non-stop. I was proud to be a Nigerian', said our source.