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The actress Shan George is not new to controversy, from the outset of her bourgeoning career she enjoyed a whirlwind romance with fellow artists and comedian Okey Bakassi McAnthony. And when her career was experiencing topsy-turvy and downward trend in the early years of the new millennium, it took the block buster hit “Outkast” where she posed semi nude to spiral her career to greater heights.

But the public eye have always been on Shan not because of her acting prowess but because of the array of men she has dated and married so much so that she has been labeled the Elizabeth Taylor of the Nigerian Movie Industry.

Her sojourn into failed marriages and relationships started in “Edanafa” when as a young high school graduate, she got married to a successful business man much older than her. But the marriage crashed after six years of uneventful union and two boys to booth.

There was a lull in between, when she was in and out of uncelebrated relationships. Then, Nollywood beckoned and whirlwind romance with Okey Bakassi McAnthony. This union many thought would lead to the alter, soon crashed like a pack of cards. When Okey, dumped her to marry his then Switzerland based lover, sitting his parents inability to accept her as a daughter in law for the break up.

Next came one faceless individual Shan hurriedly married abroad as a rebound from Okey's heartbreak. The union was over before she could say “I do”.

Then came a string of men who were more willing to taste her 'mulatto pie' rather than settle down with her. Amongst them are, Boy 1, Kano big boy and a host of other questionable characters. She equally had a stint with one big boy who banked rolled one of her movies, a man called Onasis.