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In a rare show of solidarity even from a foreigner, Dutch husband of Nigerian star actress Anita Hogan flew into the country, aftermath of the scandal his wife got into recently.

And instead of berating her for allegedly getting her self into the 'mess' as most husbands would, he is giving her a shoulder to lean on this period, which he described as "very trying" for the two of them.

Anita Hogan got herself in the news recently when a magazine and an evening newspaper published her nude pictures which they claimed came from her aggrieved 'white lover.' But Ted Mak, a Dutch who had lived and worked in the country, at a press briefing at O'Jez Restaurant, Surulere, Lagos on Wednesday, said he is not just the actress' lover, but her husband. "I have done the introduction before I left the country. We were on the verge of getting married when Anita entered into the reality show on television (Gulder Ultimate Search). Immediately after the show, her dad died and work took me out of the country again. I am Anita's husband," he declared with the actress nodding in agreement.

Mak described the ordeal as "traumatic for the two of us. Anita called me on telephone to inform me of what happened, we talk regularly. I also read on the net what some people did to my wife and I, and that is why I am here to show solidarity and say no matter what happens, I am still here for her."

He continued: "I couldn't understand why this is happening, I was flabbergasted."

If anyone is grieving that the scandal would bring to an end the relationship that began over three years ago, he is wrong. "What happened has not changed my feelings towards Anita, not at all."

The Dutch recalls the couple's first meeting. "We met at a business party and after some time of dating, we became very intimate friends. I had to go back to another country but before then, I met Anita's father in March, 2005..." the Engineer said.

He debunked the claim that he was sacked because of Anita's scandal. "That is not true, I won't be here now. I stand by Anita, I have always stood by her and will continue to stand by her even at this trying times."

On the loss of her young pregnancy when the pictures appeared in the magazine, Mak would rather not say much. "She lost her baby because of all this... that is all I can say, its quite painful."

The publication of those photographs, Mak said, is a deliberate attempt to kill the actress' career. "I feel it is am attempt to deliberately kill Anita's career, derail her ambition in life." And consequent upon that, the supportive husband is asking for justice. "I can't say much right now because the matter is in court, but I believe that justice would prevail at the end of the day."

On the attempt on Anita's life recently by suspected assassins, Mak expressed his fears. "I fear for Anita's life, she is my wife and measures have been put in place to safe guard her."