Akanni Opomulero…tale of one man, two lovers

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Eniolu Studios, a production outfit owned and managed by young and innovative professionals, recently released a new fantastic metaphorical Yoruba movie entitled: Akanni Opomulero.

It is the first time young professional from diverse backgrounds (Engineering, Accounting, Economics, Medicine, Pharmacy, Drama, Linguistics and so on) came together to produce a laudable movie. Akanni Opomulero was conceived sometimes in 2004 and after almost a year of rigorous pre-production planning, the movie was shot at various locations between Ogun, Oyo and Osun states in 2005.

The script which is quite promising was matched with state-of-the-art-equipment to produce a good movie.

The work features veteran acts like Pa Kayode Odumosu, Iyabode Momoh, Ronke Saka and Tunji Aina all of who enhanced the movie with their wealth of experience. Also, another aspect of the production is the discovery of young and vibrant talents like Adedoyin Olawale, Faleti Oyinlade, Oduneye Olatokunbo, Adegbite Aderonke, Odugbesan Dekunle and Lakunle Jaiyesimi, Wole James, Adeleke Jaiyesimi, Olu Emmanuel and others drawn, on merit, for audition from the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and University of Ibadan.

Akanni Opomulero is the metaphorical story of a young and romantic African man, Akanni, the son of Opomulero. The story revolves around life in the mid 1970s, a period reputed for youthful exuberance and self discovery. Akanni had just left village for university, leaving behind his naïve village lover, Agbeke. At a lace party on campus, he met and fell in love with Tanwa, the well exposed and educated daughter of Chief Aremu. Circumstances made Akanni to lose and later reunite with Tanwa in a ridiculous game he himself had no control over.

Being passionately in love with these two ladies, Akanni got himself in a fixed corner as his conservative mother (Iyadunni) and lighthearted uncle, Pa Afuwape, disagree on his choice of a wife. His decision now holds at stake the destiny of the two ladies he is passionate about. Funny still is Onile, the best friend of Akanni, who plays a very controversial and persuasive role in Akanni's final choice. The wedding date has been fixed, but the bride was yet to be known…Akanni Opomulero is, indeed, a pleasant family movie with humour, It brings back the memory of those good old days of the 1970s. The movie is fully subtitled in English.

Moreover, the story is relevant to the current situation in most African communities where people are fast forgetting their traditional values and cultural heritage (first love) at the expense of the new-found Western civilization (new-found love). The message is simple; Africans must learn to appreciate their traditional value systems and uphold the true virtues of their motherland.

Opomulero was produced by Lanre Jaiyesimi (CEO of ENiolu creations, the owners of ENiolu studios) and directed by Adeyombo Adegunju. Lanre Jaiyesimi is an experienced story-teller, with series of breathtaking scripts to his credit. He is a tested producer who has invested so much (in form of time, energy and funds) to guarantee success of this project. ENiolu studios is known to be committed to the redemption of the already battered African ego. He hopes to use his movie to encourage the upholding of the good sides of our traditional value systems.

Akanni Opomulero has been selected in South Africa by the Tri Continental Film Festival for the 2007 festival events.

The movie is expected to be screened in some Nigerian theatres later this year and later taken abroad. Nigerian audience should look out for this masterpiece; it is ,indeed, block-buster of a kind.