Life : What A Denial! ANITA HOGAN

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Anita Hogan, actress and Gulder Ultimate Search star, denies involvement in circulating pornography of herself.

By Olusola Olaosebikan (The News)

Occasionally she drinks and smokes. Yet, one thing Anita Hogan, actress and star of the 2005 edition of the Gulder Ultimate Search, detests most is posing nude. According to the voluptuous actress, “I won't pose nude for any amount. I won't do it because I am not that good-looking. Maybe if I were that sexy.”

Perhaps so. But last week's circulation of Anita's pictures in different obscene postures, certainly seemed to cast a doubt on that stance. In the pictures, Anita was shown in several clips of suggestive postures. The pictures also indicated that the shots were taken on the beach and in a yacht. One of the pictures also showed a naked white man, purportedly getting ready for bouts of sex.

The pictures immediately elicited the impression that some actresses, like their undergraduate counterparts, are involved in sex for money with expatriate oil workers. According to an observer, “what these white men do with these girls is terrible. They tell them to assume various positions and snap their pictures before having sex with them. The girls are then paid in dollars. The problem is that, some of these girls, after having fun with the expatriates, then go ahead to steal their money. It is in such cases that those pictures are circulated for public perusal,” he claimed.

But Anita disagreed with this postulation. Though she has seen the pictures and agreed they look like her, she, nevertheless, believes it was mischievously done to hurt her. “Yes, they look like me in a very incriminating manner. But what I think happened is that some people got some funny pictures of myself in nudity and they wanted to get some money from me. I said I don't have anything to offer. Maybe if I had yielded, there would have been an iota of truth in it. But there's no truth in whatever they are saying,” she said, adding that the person responsible for the circulation of the pornography is a journalist who eventually came to her. But then, she could do nothing because of her belief in God.

Anita wondered why artistes are always under fire. “That's why I said sometimes, as an artiste, people just want to hurt you,” she reasoned. And in her own case, she claimed, “the blackmailer said he just didn't like my guts.” Born on 28 May 1975 in Lagos, Anita, who hails from Akwa Ibom State, spent her childhood moving from one part of the country to the other, essentially because her father was an army officer. She began her early education at Moremi Primary School in Lagos before moving on to Command Secondary School, Ipaja, Lagos, after which she proceeded to the University of Uyo to study Theatre Arts.

During her national youth service, Anita took part in the auditioning for Aristo and Runs and got a role, which she later described as fun and interesting. On completion of her youth service programme, she went on to take part in the Gulder Ultimate Search contest, after which she became an instant hit. But before then, she had featured in various movies which include Mafikan Gba Kan and Pastor Dehinde. Anita lost her father some years ago and her mother is bedridden by stroke. She is unrelenting as she is currently on location shooting a movie. She was also planning to get married soon.