Behold Nigerians who live in luxury! (2)

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Behold Nigerians who live in luxury! (2)

All over the world living in luxury is strictly the preserve of the rich and famous. It takes millions of naira, thousands of pounds/dollars to finance the lifestyle of the people we are talking about. They drive state-of-the-art cars, own yachts, private jets, live in homes that inspire imagination, and holiday in the best resorts. Some of these individuals own or manage luxury brands. Correspondent, Kemi Yesufu, brings you this first part of Nigerians who live in luxury. They don't only know how to create wealth; they also know how to spend it.


One of the ways to announce your arrival into Lagos high society is by shopping at Palms Shopping Mall. Tayo Amusan owns The Palms; now you know why he is one of those who live a life of luxury in Nigeria.

The Babangidas

That former military president, Gen Ibrahim Babangida's country home in Minna is one of the most talked about places in the country is a well-known fact. Most times, talk of the predominantly cream coloured architectural masterpiece atop a hill arises from politics, leaving out the luxurious characteristics of where the former military head of state lays his head. Allegedly built by construction giant, Julius Berger, this Villa-styled home is second to none in the country. Aside Babangida himself, his wife, the stylish Maryam, and her children also live a life of luxury.

Cosmos Maduka

Cosmos Maduka and his wife, Charity, are probably Nigeria's most successful business couple. Though deeply religious, the couple, who are behind one of the country's leading luxury brands, Choscharis Motors, live a life that reflects success in business.

Abdulsalami Abubakar

Next to Babangida's home is that of General Abdulsalami Abubakar. The massive gates that lead into the mansion have AAA, the initials of the former head of state, written on it. The entire estate is powered by solar energy. The main house has over 10 parlours inside it; they all speak volumes of the class the man who once occupied Aso Rock belongs.

The Abachas

Tales abound of the enormous wealth of the Abachas. The women are known for their love for jewelleries, while the Abacha men love expensive cars. It is believed that the late head of state, Sani Abacha, left his family a fortune, enough to finance their lifestyle of luxury.

The Igbenedions

Nobody does it like the Esama of Benin, Chief Gabriel Igbinedion. His taste is out of the world. All Chief Igbenedion's homes in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Nigeria and the United States of America are among the very best in highbrow neighbourhoods they are located. Aside his homes, the proprietor of Igbenedion University is a man that never does things in small measures.

T.Y. And Daisy Danjuma

General Theophilus Danjuma and his lovely wife, Senator Daisy Danjuma, is a powerful couple. There Asokoro home is a beauty to behold; they holiday in Malaga, Spain, the choice destination for the world's rich and famous.

David Mark

The Senate President is a man of means, though he plays down his wealth, he has impeccable taste. He owns a golf course in Ireland, which is one of the best in that country. His home in Oturkpo, Benue State, is a sight to behold.

Florence Ita-Giwa

Senator Florence Ita-Giwa has remained one of the most talked about women in Nigeria for many years. Ita-Giwa's lifestyle has been that of luxury fuelled by hard work. Many times over Mama Bakassi, as she's often called, has been voted Nigeria's number one woman of style.

Grace Egbagbe

Barrister Grace Egbagbe is a woman of style and lives a life of luxury. There are few women who can match the class of this former director with the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA).

Angela Onyeador

She is the most famous of the Onyeador sisters. An avid art collector, Angela Onyeador is one of the women that have remained relevant over the years.

Nike Oshinowo

Nike Oshinowo needs little or no introduction; the former beauty queen epitomises luxury. Ever since she clinched the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MGBN)crown in 1989, Oshinowo, who wedded Dr. Tunde Soleye last year, is the brain behind the luxury spas in Lagos. If a vox pop is done for who wears the crown of Nigeria's ultimate queen of luxury lifestyle, Mrs. Soleye would come tops.

Erelu Abiola Dosunmu

Love her or hate her, you can't take away the fact that Erelu Abiola Dosunmu lives a glamorous lifestyle. It is not for nothing that the likes of King Sunny Ade have sung her praise in his recordings. She is indeed a woman whose lifestyle epitomises royalty.

The Ibrus

The Ibrus are one of Nigeria's true dynasties. From the heydays of the family's patriarch, Olorogun Michael Ibru, to the younger generation of the Ibrus, members of this family live in luxury occasioned by stupendous wealth.

The Anyiam Osigwes

This family is known for organising an annual lecture in remembrance of their patriarch, Emmanuel Onyechere Anyiam Osigwe. They also stand out because of their preference for white attires. To say that the Anyiam Osigwes are wealthy is an understatement. Though they are not known for show-offs, there is no doubt that this distinguished family lives a life of luxury.

Femi Otedola

This son of former Governor of Lagos State, Sir Michael Otedola, who is also the main force behind Zenon Oil, is extremely rich.

The Lagos-born billionaire drives a Rolls Royce phantom, among other dainty cars. The only simple feature of Femi Otedola is his all white apparels, which come mostly in very casual style. Every other thing including his homes are exquisitely made to suit his expensive taste.

Hajia Bola Shagaya

When this Kwara-born businesswoman steps out in the public, her cars, clothes and accessories tell the story of a woman enjoying success. Hajia Bola Shagaya is indeed a queen of luxury.

Dele Momodu

He is the publisher of Ovation magazine. After many years of reporting the luxury lifestyle of Nigeria's high and mighty Dele Momodu has become one to be reported as a lover of luxury things and chieftaincy title.

The First Family

Though the Yar'Aduas come across as regular people, living in the Aso Rock Villa automatically qualifies them to be on this list. Despite the fact that Nigeria is among developing nations, no ruler of the country has lived less than a luxury life.