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Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), leadership of Jada Local Government in Adamawa State has at the weekend rested the controversy over whether former Vice President Atiku Abubakar was duly registered at his Yelli Ward and issued with a membership card or not, as both the ward and local government executives re-affirmed his registration.

Atiku, who was received by the PDP leaders and stakeholders of his home, Jada local government and the executives of the 11 wards of the area faulted the allegation that the former vice president was registered by the Teneke faction of the Party in Adamawa State.

The PDP leadership, comprising the Kugama-led executives at the eleven wards of Jada local government area, including the PDP leadership and elders had urged the party to disregard such unacceptable conclusion that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar was not dully registered by Kugama-led faction, presumed to be the authentic group recognized by the national leadership of the party in Abuja.

The Leaders, elders and youths of the party, who ushered Atiku into Jada, his home town, from the border between Jada and Mayo-Belwa in a long convoy, later spoke in affirmation of his registration.

At Atiku's residence, the Vice Chairman of PDP in Jada Local Government, Mr Polycarp K. Jampeo, said Atiku was duly registered at his Yelli ward, under the Kugama-led PDP executives and the former Vice-President should turn a deaf ear to those who feel unconfortable and threatened by his rising political profile.

Similarly, all the elders that spoke in affirmation of Atiku's registration as a PDP member, included Mr. Linus Ali Kemsi, Audi Babale Kojoli and the Deputy Youth Leader of the Party, Alhaji Garamba Gambo, debunking the insinuation held in some quarters that he was not registered by the authentic executive of the party at his Yelli Ward.

Similarly, Alhaji Hussaini Garanba, former Chairman of the Action Congress, (AC) and the Secretary of the Party, who were now registered members of the PDP, condemned those perpetrating the controversy over re-entry of Atiku into the PDP and the registration saga.

While addressing different separate groups of PDP leadership of the ward and local government levels as well as new entrants into the party, the former vice president said that their submissions were clear attestation that his re-entry into the PDP was a welcome development. Atiku re-affirmed his determination to join other patriotic members of PDP to ensure that the principles and ideals that had informed the formation for the part by the founding fathers were adhered to strictly to promote tenets of democracy in Nigeria and as a guiding document for the actualization of the desired rule of Law.

Atiku said his re-entry into the PDP was a home coming and would ensure that the tenets and rules of the party as fashioned out by the founding fathers were not discarded by the various levels of the party executives across the country.