WAR:Chioma Chukwuka VS Muma Gee

Source: City People mag... - Nigeriafilms.com
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"Chioma Chukwuka was demonic in camp" - Muma Gee

"Before Ultimate Search, I'd never been in contact with Chioma Akpotha. Maybe I'd only seen her in movies and I used to be her fan, a great fan because in movies she acts innocently. But trust me, she has lost a fan. I will never forget that girl till I die, till I enter my grave. With all she claimed to be, she's not my class, we are not from the same tribe, we don't share boyfriend, we don't drag anything. In the camp she was boasting she's married and I'm not married. Maybe she's the first to marry in life. She flung my things out of the tent (because of a misunderstanding with actor Emeka ike). I looked at her and cried almost ceaselessly. That pained me to the bone and I will never forget. Honestly, I've never suffered that kind of humiliation since I was born, not even when I was poor. Whatever pain I suffered that day will follow that girl. If Chioma would come and give me a billion dollars and I'm dying in poverty, I would rather die. She was really demonic in that camp".

If you are watching Gulder Ultimate Search - Celebrity Showdown...then you understand what this is all about...

Chioma and Muma Gee have been evicted from the show by the way...