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He's diminutive in nature, he's highly connected, in fact, this rotund senator of the federal Republic of Nigeria is one of the top contenders of the round house in Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos in 2007. If what we hear in the city is anything to go by, then, the dream of sitting atop the affair of things in Lagos State may be aborted.

CITY FLAMES gathered exclusively that, this shred politician who was fortunate enough to have been 'posted' to the senate through rigging is said to have swindled some Americans who were supposed to have a deal with the State government to some millions of dollars.

Though, the dividends of the deal, we gathered, are supposed to be shared between himself and the State, unfortunately, the plump Abuja lawmaker greedily pocketed the whole 'pepper' to himself.

When the head of affairs in Lagos got wind of the messy deal, he was said to have angrily tongue-lashed the aspiring and promising kid that he's jeopardizing his 2007 political ambition.

Do you know what the senator was said to have done? He prostrated and begged for the forgiveness. Oh! You want to know details of the deal? Let's meet here next week but don't say you read here that I am talking about Senator Tokunboh Afikuyomi popularly called STA