Food makes me fat, but I love bread in any form – Actress Gloria Young

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Here's one secret about actress Gloria Young: she loves food, even though it makes her fat.
I don't think I should be talking about food, see how big I am. Well, it's just that I love food. I have stopped looking at my favourite because I found out that when I eat a lot of them, it makes me fat. So, I don't have a favourite food anymore. But I love bread in any form – brown, white, toast, I would eat it. One major factor in my diet is that I always eat bread.

Trousers, I love them because I can be free. I love long skirt and beautiful tops; I also love African attires and kaftans.

Colours have to shout to appeal to this actress. “I love bright colours – red, yellow, in fact, anything bright”.

I love that a lot, too. I like Beautiful, Passion and Poison. I like those olden days perfume. They call it olden days but I like them.

Reggae, maybe because my father use to play a lot of it while I was growing up. My first musical love is reggae, and then comes African music.

Benz is my car, that car is good for Nigerian roads. It does not break down easily or give you stress. It's very good for Nigerian roads.

I don't like designers; rather I am into what is durable. It depends on what I like. I can go into the market, see a shoe of N1, 000 and I will buy it.

Gloria says her best actor is her husband. “Norbert Young, of course”, she said, then burst into laughter.

As for actresses, she adores Ngozi Ezeonwu, Liz Benson, Hilda Dokubo, Eucharia Anunobi, Patience Ozokwor and many others. “I have worked with all those people and we jelled”, she said.

Glamour girls

Perhaps, running away from the risk of offending any director, Gloria said she admired all of them. “They are all good. Every single one of them”.

She would readily choose Ghana anyday for a forvourite country. “Ghana, oh my God, Ghana”. But why? “They were able to bring themselves out of the rubbish heaps, clean and dust themselves up and they have become a giant, that is why I love Ghana”. She had early encounter with the Ghanaians, who used to be her mother's baby nurse and cooks. “That was in those days, but they went back home and where able to start rebuilding their country. Go to Ghana now, no electricity and water wahala, their streets are beautiful, they don't have horrible roads like I have on the way to my house, Ghana is beautiful. I like Ghana because of what they have been able to do for themselves and I wish Nigerians would borrow a leaf from Ghanaians and try and rebuild this country”.

I like costume jewelry, beads, stones and diamond. My best stone is amethyst, I like that a lot. I love jewelry but it's not a big deal for me.

Gloria loves braids and wigs. “Wigs for me is convenient, I could wash my hair and put on a wig”. That's because she hates to sit under a dryer.