The fate of our youths with Nigerian music

Source: Hope Efoghe/

Music is one thing many cannot do without. Teenagers are well influenced by music, they cannot breath a day without it, that is why 90 percent of them can practically sing any type of song.

From the age of 12 to 40 is the age that are assumed listen to music more. The only thing noticed is that, we have lost the touch of meaningful songs.

This days some artiste only look for good beats and neglect the need of meaningful and educative lyrics.

Looking at the industry today, you will agree with me that just a few actually sing songs that are very educative to the young and upcoming generations.

Love songs, club songs has taken over, what happened to inspirational lyrics, what happened to song that promotes our culture, peace, unity? but now you hear a lot of slang's and vulgar words that are later copied by our young ones.

What about the music video? Almost every music video features half naked girls, shaking their oranges and back side, is that the only thing we need to imbibe in our young ones?

Some artiste would say, if you do not put out a crazy song and crazy video, the song would not sell, with the way the industry is going, please what is the fate of our adolescents?

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