5 Interesting Ways To Take Perfect Selfies

Source: Jovago.com

The introduction of front cameras in smartphones has made it possible for people to take selfies. The high quality of these pictures has many smartphone users devising creative means to use their camera’s. Examples of these include shooting videos and engaging in video chats.

To add to your selfie experience, tools like selfie sticks have been invented and this has helped in taking awesome group photographs. Sometimes, there are a few selfies you must have seen but would never believe it was taken with a smartphone. Do you want to take these type of selfies? If you do, Jovago.com, Africa's No 1 hotel booking portal roll out tricks on how you can take better selfies.

Good lighting
Lighting is very important whether you are using the traditional camera or your phone. You can never take nice selfies if the light is dim. When the lighting is good, your skin will appear its best and do not forget to face the light when taking your selfie.

Check your background
The background of a picture is as important as lighting so, do not take pictures anywhere with a backdrop that does not quite capture the image you want to project. The background should be classy to prevent any embarrassment after uploading the pictures on social media. A good backdrop also contributes to better selfies.

Strike a pose
When you take a selfie, you do not just stand like a log. Express yourself by striking different poses - smile, pout, grin and frown. However, ensure that your expressions are not fake because people can tell if it is. If you do not want to do any of the aforementioned, you can simply smile! A smile can not go wrong!

Show off something new
If you have anything new like a sunglass, earrings, tie or hat that will add to the beauty and output of your selfie, do not hesitate to use them. If it is possible, always accessorize yourself whenever you want to take a selfie.

Edit your Picture
A perfect picture cannot escape editing. You can use some photo editing apps like Bonfire Photo Editor and Cupslice Photo Editor, to make your selfie look better. However, the picture should appear natural even after editing.