Okigwe Senate Rerun: Citizen Samuelson Condemns Attitude Of Traditional Rulers In Okigwe Zone

By Imo Initiative, Owerri-Imo State
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Critisms trailing the endorsement of Rt. Hon. Benjamin Uwajumogu in the scheduled February 20th 2016 Okigwe Senate re-run by Traditional Rulers in that zone has continued to swell. Popular socio-political crusader and business magnet, Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha has risen to condemn the attitude and actions of the traditional rulers in what he called mis-guided and deceitful endorsement.

In a press release personally signed by the activist, Citizen Samuelson wondered how and why Traditional Rulers in Okigwe Zone led by His Royal Highness Eze Mathew Onweni should show open partisanship to the extent of attending a political meeting called by a well known political trader to endorse a man who is currently under investigation by security agencies for various crimes such as, fraud, murder and other corrupt practices. The statement read in parts.

“My attention has been drawn to Newspaper publications showing pictures of traditional Rulers who attended a political meeting at the residence of a well known political trader. The Traditional Rulers were led by HRH Eze Mathew Onweni, and at the end of the meeting they reportedly endorsed the Ex-speaker of Imo State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Benjamin Uwajumogu for Okigwe Senate re-run coming up on the 20th of February 2016. These traditional rulers even signed a press release to that effect.

My immediate reaction was to call HRH Eze Mathew OnweNI on phone, to ask him why he should lead other Traditional Rulers to engage in despicable act of endorsing a man under investigation for various crimes for the Okigwe Senate re-run and showing open partisanship by supporting Uwajumogu in the house of a political trader. I told him that Traditional Rulers are Royal Fathers who should see Party Candidates as their children and must show them love equally without any favoritism or discrimination as the case may be. I condemned their shameless action and promised him that I would do a press release in that regard. Eze Mathew Onweni pleaded with me to beat a retreat. He told me other things which I would not make public.

I am therefore calling on the good people of Okigwe zone to disregard the meaningless, senseless, shameless and stupid endorsement of Benjamin Uwajumogu for the Okigwe Senate re-run.Uwajumogu had his chance as Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly, but he bungled that opportunity by engaging in despicable and shameful acts, thereby desecrating the Office of the Speaker, IMHA. On the 20th of February 2016, Okigwe youths, men and women should come out enmasse to massively vote against Benjamin Uwajumogu’’. The statement concluded.