What Dagrin's Death Did To Me- Rapper YQ

Source: Mary Jane Eze/Nigeriafilms.com

Although it is almost 6 years since the painful exit of late popular rapper, Dagrin,following a car accident, one of his closest associates, YQ is yet to get over his death.

According to him, the death of the young indigenous rapper really affected him so much.

The singer, whose became famous after he featured the late rapper on the hit song, 'Efimile' , disclosed that Dagrin's death put a pause on so many plans he had.

'Dagrin's death really had an effect on me, it really did but the effect on my career was just a bit. We had a project we were supposed to do together, we also had shared moments together which are very special. Dagrin inspired me and gave me hope which was really encouraging', YQ said.?