Kecee Sends Used Recharge Cards to Fans?

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

All in the name of looking for publicity, some Nigerian celebrity are ready to go the extra miles to ensure that they get the much needed relevance in the media regularly.

Recently, Five Star music artiste, Kecee, was put under blast after he started his New Year giveaway of recharge cards some few days ago.

The singer had on the 5th of January, 2016, began another day of giveaway as he reshared the same card he had already given out and unknown to some of his fans who were anxious to load it on the phones, got their lines barred by the network.

They came attacking the singer who later claimed he did not know that he was sharing the same card.
“Hi instafam, so sorry for the mix up, I didn't realise I was resending the same cards I sent out yesterday. Thank you to everyone who drew my attention to it. These are the last cards for today, I need to sort out the remaining cards, we would continue tomorrow. Thank you,” he wrote.