5 Mega Reasons To Attend The Calabar Carnival!

Source: Jovago.com

Do not tell River State or Benin City, but the Calabar Carnival is simply the single greatest festival in Nigeria!

The history of this event, also tagged ” Africa’s Biggest Street Party”, points to its beginning in 2004 when it was created as part of the vision of making the Cross River State the number one tourist destination for Nigerians and tourist all over the world.

As the largest festival in the country, it draws in some 50,000 visitors each year. Masques, parades, colorful street party and dance shows all get together to create a mood of celebration and this year’s edition of the Carnival Calabar theme tagged ‘Climate Change’ will be holding at the Old Calabar Zoo Garden. And while the fun already began on the 1st of December, celebrations will run till January 1 2016, giving you ample time to buy your feathers and flight tickets and get going!

Jovago.com, Africa’s largest hotel booking portal , gives five reasons why this year’s Calabar’s Carnival is the place to be.

The fusion of color, culture and modernism
It is no secret that Calabar has rich traditions and a profound cultural heritage, however due to the ensuing of commercialism; this rich traditional heritage is not seen quite as much. The Calabar carnival revitalizes the people with renewed energy, exposing the city’s unique identity.

You can savor traditional Calabar food and drinks while tapping your feet to a local band’s music. Also, most activities are interposed by the very modern and chic shows, colorful parades and DJ Nights which bring on a different hue to the carnival altogether.

Communal camaraderie
The Calabar Carnival is open to all and sundry, people from all over the world attend and all kinds of people from different sects, age groups and societies participate and mingle. Every member of the family and society at large have a way to participate and enjoy, as even toddlers are enthralled by the colorful clothes, music, masquerades and dances too. Masses unite in feting and friendship, creating opportunities for accruing best-time-ever moments with old friends, and turning strangers to kindred.

The continuous festivities
Feting for the Calabar carnival is an enduring business. The carnival stretches out over a month and features a lot of activities. Your stamina will certainly be tested, but you will enjoy every moment. From the colorful atmosphere and live band performances to the street dances, the food and drinks, the glee revivifies anxieties with festive fervor, causing a major distraction from the dilemmas of life.

A sure way to discover the city
As is with carnivals, the Calabar carnival involves a lot of gallivanting and trekking, you are bound to move around and explore a lot of areas while carousing. The Carnival ensures that participants travel around Calabar and are basically guided through the entire city via interesting routes and boulevards. The best thing about the exploration is the umpteen merrymaking and fun that always comes with it.

An opportunity to unwind
In addition to the activities and location, the Calabar carnival gives the participant a good chance to relax and unwind. The activities and fun distract you from your worries, you don’t just witness these events, but participate in the madness as well and that has a way of revitalizing your life and spirit. Also, there are ample restaurants, bars and lounges where you can kick back and relax. The fiesta holds in December, Is there a better way to end the year?