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If the hajj prescription was man-made

Or the perception was unguided

Or the journey was merely worldly

Or the custodians were non-vigilant

Hajj would be frustrated

By the evil plotters promised

Never to access the Grand Mosque

Fortified by guides ready and steady

I saw it nearly happen

How I was reactivated by water

Allah knows – water makes life

A multitude from the guests of Allah

Gave up the ghost at Mina

A holy site for hajj

Close to pelting the devil

Irony of a journey to kill the devil

It was on the great Eid Day

Just few hours after their sins

Their whole life shortcomings

At Arafat plains were pardoned

Rejoice sinless departed souls!

What neat books of record!

Yet, what pains for the families

O yea little creatures on earth

From Allah alone we are

And to Him alone we return

Knowing not where and when

How sorrowful, just after a crane mishap

At the count of twenty one days

From September 11 2015 at the Grand Mosque

Of Holy Makkah

Hallowed by angels more than humans today

Though limited in endurance is man

I saw it nearly happen

After a life struggle past two T-junctions

The third a hell, the air seemingly ceased

The sun seemingly let loose

And the dying souls cried for aid

Clinching on anything, dying bodies, the air

As a drowning man the water

Nay the ice as last resort

But they have not died

A fruitless death – death in sin

But that witnessed by the angels

A throng with arch angel Jibril

Who picked gently, not pulling

Such mighty souls chanting the best

“Here I am O my Lord; here I am”

And so shall these be resurrected

When the manner, place and time

Of departure will matter assuredly

Even as no man bears the lore

Where and when to grasp last breath

O yea weeping Muslim world!

The Haramain custodian yelled

And the grand qadi the next day wept

Delivering Friday sermons heavily worded

That drew showers of tears from me

With worshippers heavy with rainy balls

Then I knew these travelers went on transit

To the final abode we all seek

But in vain we fear our origin

The Muslim world counted losses

Controversies trailed the cause

But nothing is away from Allah

The all-Knower, the Planner

No blame trade, let's be proud

Against the devil will, hajj continues

And we pelt it till the Doomsday

***Muhammad Ajah is an advocate of humanity, good governance and the rule of law.

E-mail: [email protected]

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