W'cup: England Players To Sleep In Special Tents

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England players are set to sleep in special altitude tents in preparation for this summer's World Cup.

The Daily Mail reports that, following extensive tests on the squad, it has emerged that a number of players would benefit from the technology to help acclimatise to the high altitudes in South Africa.

The Altitude Centre in London declined to comment on England's preparations when contacted by Soccernet, but it is understood the company has monitored members of the squad during international duty.

To counter the adverse effects of the South African environment, sleeping in the tents will offer the same benefits, for all players, as training at high altitude.

The tents simulate being at the same altitude as the World Cup final – 1,750m – and do not add to the training load for the players. Sleep would be disturbed for only one or two days at the beginning as they adjust to using the tent.

High altitude results in thinner air and less oxygen, which can accelerate the onset of fatigue. Several countries are apparently planning to use the equipment, which stimulates the production of red blood cells, in preparation for the tournament.

A number of high-profile players, including David Beckham, have used the tents in the past to hasten their recovery from injury.