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We Were not In-charge of What was Serve on the Table…Ubi Franklin Speaks About Groundnut and Hennessy

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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When it was first rumoured some weeks back that singer, Iyanya, served Groundnuts and Hennessy to guests who bought the table worth N400,000 during his album launch, there were still doubts that the story was not true until recently.

Co-owner of Triple MG music group, Ubi Franklin, in a phone interview with Punch correspondent on the rumoured allegations, stated that they only talked about the show and not what people were going to eat or what was served on the table.

Without showing any remorse, Ubi stressed that Iyanya gave them a good show for three hours and that was worth it while hanging up the call on the reporter who made the call.

According to Ubi, he said, “Go and check Iyanya's promotion for the album, we did not promise anybody that we would put anything on the table. If you are sitting on the table, it is premium. Iyanya gave them a proper show for three hours. Iyanya and I were not in charge of what would be put on the table.”